Being a great leader doesn’t come naturally.  It takes education, experience and a desire to stand above the competition.  It takes a commitment to make a difference.

Being a great presenter doesn’t come naturally either.  The greatest speakers have all worked with coaches, practice perfecting their presentations and they all have a passion to make a difference to share an important message.

VIP Coaching is for women who want to:

  • Be more influential in the boardroom

  • Command the stage at company events

  • Pitch from high stake stages and absolutely nail it

As a VIP client I will work with you to craft your perfect your keynote presentation you’ll be able to use and adapt to different speaking opportunities.

You’ll receive 

  • 8 Private 1:1 sessions
  • Completely mapped out talk
  • Delivery and presentation coaching to ensure you deliver in the most impactful way.
  • Slideshow review and recommendations for maximum effect
  • Preparing mindset and audience before you take the stage
  • Marco Polo access to me throughout coaching term
  • Live rehearsals prior to your presentation
  • You will be a star on stage.

Here are some of the industries I’ve worked with:

  • Wealth Managers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Professional Athletes

  • Attorneys

  • Branding Experts

  • Clinical Social Workers

  • Business & Life Coaches

  • Sales Leaders

  • Insurance Advisors

  • Fashion Designers

  • Business Strategists