Power & Presence

Affiliate Program

We have a common goal to help our clients be their most powerful self in all aspects of their career lives. In doing so we all have our specialties. Like all great leaders, athletes, and businesses, it takes a team to create exponential growth. I would like to be a part of your team to help expand your clients reach by helping them use their voice in their most powerful and influencial way whether that’s in the boardroom, or giving a keynote. I can teach them to be confident and inspiring and enjoy the impact of their message.

Let’s talk about why you should promote me:

  • I’ve been presenting on live stages for over 30 years
  • I’ve presented virtually in 13 countries
  • My keynotes have been voted ‘Top Talk’ on multiple international stages
  • I have proven results with leaders among leaders. Check out my testimonials.
  • I consistently instill confidence, clarity, and sales engagement in my clients.