You may be awesome  – would you like your team to have the same  confidence to step in front of an audience powerfully?
For some the thought of getting on a stage or up in front of an audience is petrifying
Others are insecure because they’re afraid they’ll forget what they want to say.
They are embarrassed they use too many filler words such as ah, uhm, like, so.
They’re afraid of being judged
I’ve worked with some absolute novices who have never been on a stage.  Building presentation confidence is incredible for their self esteem and a huge contributor in helping them present powerfully and increase their visibility and influence with potential clients.  
Building their presence on social media and communities will lead to increased exposure and recognition.  Effective communication is the #1 business skill your team can have to grow themselves and the team.

Your Team will learn:

  • High level networking
  • How to enter and effectively work a networking event 
  • The power of body language
  • Presentation skills
  • Dressing the part
  • Using their voice effectively
  • Learn to give an impromptu speech
  • How to remember names and be remembered
  • These are not only great business skills, they are priceless life skills.