Hi, I’m Mary Van Dorn.

I know what it’s like for executives to feel successful everywhere else but the stage. 

As a high level executive, you lead an organization that depends on you. You got to where you are with hard work, natural talent, and taking advantage of opportunities that came your way. 

But, when it comes to communicating on stage – you often feel like you’re in uncharted territory. 

It’s not that you can’t speak on stage, but every time you do, you feel like aren’t living up to the same level of excellence as you are in every other area of your leadership.

I get it! You should be able to make an impact from the stage the same way you do in every other aspect of your career. 

I’ve been helping top-level executives just like you to learn to confidently speak in such a way that it moves audiences to their feet and lining up to take action!

If you’re ready to quit struggling, worrying, and feeling like you’re falling short whenever you speak from stage – Schedule a call today!

I’ll show you how to create the perfect presentation, master your stagecraft, and get your audiences to take action every time you’re on stage.

How Leaders Speak To Get Audiences on Their Feet and Eager To Take Action.

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1. Schedule a Call

When you schedule a call, you will discover how easy it is to improve your speaking! From knowing what to say and how to say it, to even what you should do before you ever step foot on stage.
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2. Get 1:1 Coaching!

When we work together, you get personalized 1:1 coaching that helps you craft the perfect presentation so that people stand to their feet and line up to connect with you afterward. 
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3. Master Public Speaking

You will have everything you need to feel confident no matter what stage you step on to. You will have the skills and knowledge to master public speaking from the boardroom to the big stage!

As a Top-Performing Leader, You need More Than Just A Speaking Class.

You can’t afford to miscommunicate your vision and ideas at your level. After working together, you can expect to……

  • Inspire your team towards meaningful action.
  •  Gain a competitive advantage in your industry. 
  • Retain and attract top talent to you. 
  • Get business partners seeking deals with your organization. 
  • Inspire trust and passion in your employees. 
  • Know you’re representing your team/company well. 

Get a Free Copy of “12 Things To NEVER Say With A Mic In Your Hand.”

Most speakers are making 12 MAJOR mistakes every time they pick up a microphone. What’s worse is, it’s costing them money and opportunities they can’t afford to give up. Download my free e-book guide on the 12 thing you should NEVER say with a mic in your hand so you can learn what to avoid and what to say. 

About Mary Van Dorn

Mary Van Dorn has been helping executive leaders master the art of communicating from the stage for the past 3 decades. Her coaching style, knowledge, and training expertise have helped countless leaders move audiences to their feet and line up to take action. 

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